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Wesley John Powell was born to Dave & Emily Powell of Coldwater on December 29, 2106 at 1:44PM at Mercer Health. He weighed 7lb 11oz and 20in. He was welcomed home by brothers Zach & Blake. Maternal Grandparents: Gene & Laura Andres of Bryan, OH and Paternal Grandparents: Mike & Deb Powell of Rockford, OH. Maternal Great Grandparents: Bob & Norma Andres and Lowell & Betty Frederick of Bryan, OH and Paternal Great Grandmother: Lois Jean Powell of Rockford, OH.

Birthday Announcements

Belated: Ashleigh Knapke - St. Anthony (Saturday, January 14th)

Belated: Twins - Jean Mueller - Osgood & Joan Brunswick - 72 (Saturday, January 14th)

Belated: Herb Kaiser - 87 - Coldwater (Saturday, January 14th)

Caleb Wilson - Celina

Betty Meyers - 81 - Coldwater Beach

Amy Will - 21 - St. Sebastian

Larissa Goubeaux - Coldwater

Mitch Giere - 26 - Coldwater

Pat Selhorst - St. Henry

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