May 13, 2017

Celina Tent is expanding-Click for pictures and an interview with Celina Tent Vice President Janice Grieshop

By Kevin Sandler

Celina Tent is currently constructing a 100,000 Square foot warehouse near its current facility on State Route 29. The new facility is expected to be completed in November. Celina Tent Vice President Janice Grieshop talks about the expansion project:

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Information courtesy of Celina Tent:



Celina Tent, Inc. DBA Celina Industries, is an Ohio-based company founded in 1996; the manufacturing plant and offices are located in Celina, Ohio, with warehousing located in nearby Coldwater, OH, currently under construction on the Celina Tent location in Celina, OH is a 100,000 square foot warehouse that will allow us to have all operations on one location. Celina Tent qualifies as a small business entity, and  was incorporated in the state of Ohio on February 1, 1999.


Celina Tent, Inc. manufactures and distributes tents, tarps, tent accessories and event supplies worldwide. Our commercial products are used throughout the rental and hospitality industries. Specialized products, such as Rapid Deployment Shelters / Humanitarian Tents, Military Shelters, and Decontamination Units are manufactured in our Celina facility and shipped globally, aiding in relief efforts and emergency situations. Our expertise in fabric manufacturing also extends into the Agriculture industry, spanning such items as ventilation socks and curtains for livestock buildings, and also the Automotive Industry, involving the design and production of fabric packaging systems.


Celina Tent, Inc. provides design & fabrication services for all textile and industrial fabric products. Production techniques used by Celina are focused in the production of items which require heat-sealing / welding, sewing, grommets, and more.




  • 146,990 sq. ft. Manufacturing & Warehousing Facility; we are currently building a 100,000-square foot warehouse at the Celina, OH location.
  • 40+ acres for tent and shelter long-term use testing, weather element testing and demonstrations
  • State-of-the-art Fabric Welding Technologies, including hot-air welding, hot-wedge welding, RF/HF welding, and sonic welding devices
  • Solvent and Dye Sublimation printers capable of wide-format digital printing
  • Auto Cad 2008, M Panel Form & Patterning software, used by our engineering department in conjunction with our CNC Fabric Cutting and Marking machines
  • MAS 200 ERP Software for Job Costing, Accounting, Inventory, Purchasing, Quality Assurance, Scheduling, & Attendance
  • Celina Tent has a manufacturing plant in Taicang, China, producing all the smaller commercial tents and accessories. 
  • Celina Tent has an office in the Philippines, managing our online chat and also for back office support.
  • In Spring of 2017 Celina Tent opened a United Kingdom Office/Distribution Center in Leicester, England, to serve the European Market.  The sales and customer service duties are maintained in our Celina, Ohio location.




  • Product Design & Fabrication
  • RF, Hot Air & Hot Wedge Heat-Sealing
  • Wide Format Digital Printing
  • CNC Fabric Cutting and Marking
  • Spiral Ducting machines
  • Intellectual Property Development: Manuals, DVD’s, and Websites




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