Jun 12, 2018

Van Wert County Sheriff releases May activity report

News Release


Van Wert County Sheriff Thomas M. Riggenbach has released the Sheriff’s Office Monthly Activity Report for the May 2018. Sheriff’s Office cruisers traveled 29,140 miles while on patrol, answering citizen’s complaints, serving criminal & civil papers, performing other Sheriff’s Office functions and transporting prisoners to State Institutions and Juvenile’s to Juvenile Detention Center Facilities. Deputies responded to 493 calls for service in May.

Deputies investigated a total of 206 citizen’s complaints, with reports being filed, and investigated a total of 172 complaints that did not require reports or any further investigation. Deputies filed 13 criminal cases as a result of investigations in May. There were 17 traffic accidents investigated during May. Deputies issued 34 traffic citations and 51 traffic warnings to motorists. Deputies provided 214 assists to motorists and other departments. Deputies also handled 11 funeral procession escorts.

While on patrol, Deputies found 44 open doors at businesses, schools and residential house checks. There were 56 homes of vacationing county residents that were checked a total of 683 times. Deputies responded to 5 business and residential alarms. Deputies also served 59 Criminal and Civil process received from the Courts during May.

The Sheriff’s Office K-9 team conducted 26 perimeter checks of buildings, 5 drug searches, 1 building searches, 0 area searches, 0 track, and 3 assists to other agencies, including the West Central Ohio Crime Task Force. The K-9 team also presented 12 K-9 demonstrations to the public.

The Sheriff’s Office Certified Car Seat Technician installed 0 car seat for families in May. The Sheriff’s Office D.A.R.E deputy taught 0 5th grade students the D.A.R.E. elementary curriculum. The Sheriff’s Office D.A.R.E. deputy taught 31 7th and 8th grade students the D.A.R.E. middle school curriculum. The Over-the-Counter Medication and Prescription Medication curriculum was taught to 0 sixth and eighth graders. The Sheriff’s Office D.A.R.E. deputy provided Child Safety, Good Drug/Bad Drug, and Bullying education to 141 K-4. The Sheriff’s Office D.A.R.E. deputy also provided 203 children with photo ID’s that were for their parents as part of the Child Photo ID program.

The Detective Bureau received 5 new criminal investigations in May. The Detective Bureau filed 4 felony charges, 3 misdemeanor charges, provided 9 assists to other agencies, executed 0 search warrants, prepared 0 subpoenas and recovered $ 00.00 in stolen property.

The Van Wert County Sheriff’s Office conducted 0 Sheriff Sales in May and received 2 Sheriff Sales in May. There were 130 Web Checks processed for residents. There were 88 new or renewed handgun Concealed Carry Licenses issued during May. There were 28 sex offender registrations for periodic registrations, change of addresses, employment, or other offender status changes conducted during May. There were 67 sex offender notices sent or delivered to residents, schools, day-care facilities, pre-school and law enforcement agencies during May. There were 312 automated emails sent to county residents from the Van Wert County Sheriff’s Office advising residents of sex offenders registering an address within one-mile of their residence in May. It is estimated that approximately 12.22% of Van Wert County residents are currently signed up to receive automated emails on sex offenders from the Sheriff’s Office.

The Van Wert County Sheriff’s Office Communications Center received 3126 phone calls in May. There were 317 9-1-1 calls received by the Communication Center, of which 287 9-1-1 calls came from a cellular phone. There were 253 of the 9-1-1 calls where the Communication Center dispatched an agency to respond to the 9-1-1 call. A law enforcement agency was dispatched to 149 calls, an E.M.S. agency was dispatched to 92 calls, and a fire agency was dispatched to 12 calls. Multiple agencies had to be dispatched to 19 calls. The Van Wert County Sheriff’s Office Communication Center also greeted and helped 1105 people who came on station at Sheriff’s Office.

The Van Wert County Correctional Facility housed 166 prisoners in May. There were 104 prisoners received and 99 released at Correctional Facility. The average daily inmate count at the Correctional Facility was 65 for the month of May. There were 38 prisoner transports made by deputies, involving 35 prisoners for a total of 4,441 miles in May.

The prisoner work crews worked a total 1314 hours at the Correctional Facility.

Prisoner programs generating income, which are paid into the County General Fund, are: Inmate Work Release MTD $626.72 YTD $ 3,796.22. Inmate Phone Service MTD $1,389.53 YTD $7,920.88. Inmate Pay-To-Stay MTD $0.00 YTD $0.00 Office of Child Nutrition Services-Government Donated Food Entitlement MTD $437.40 YTD $2,264.69. The food cost per inmate was $.1.38 Prisoners housed for other Counties generated MTD $38,250.00 YTD $204,435.00.

The Dog Warden traveled 1,225 miles while answering citizens’ complaints, assisting other agencies and conducting tag enforcement. The Dog Warden investigated 31 complaints, impounded 8 dogs. The Dog Warden sold 62 registration tags, issued 3 citations and 7 warnings. The Dog Warden also provided 7 assists to other agencies.

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