Categories: Honors
      Date: Oct 18, 2011
     Title: 2011 All MAC Volleyball
2011 All Midwest Athletic Conference Volleyball 
Player of the Year-Katie Hoyng, St. Henry 
Coach of the Year-Diana Kramer, St. Henry
League Champs- St Henry  


Macy Reigelsperger, Coldwater, MB, Soph.  
Emily Kahlig, Coldwater, MB, Jr.  
Claire Heitkamp, Marion Local, RS, Jr.  
Margaret Wuebker, Marion Local, MB, Sr.  
Josie Winner, Marion Local, MB, Jr.  
Dana Stucke, Minster, L, Sr.  
Haley Dillon, New Knoxville, MH, Sr.  
Bailey King, Parkway, MH, Sr.  
Becca Harshman, Parkway, OH, Sr.  
Katie Hoyng, St Henry, OH, Sr.
Abby Brunswick, St. Henry, S/RS, Sr.  
Amanda Winner, Versailles, OH, Soph	  
Jamie Bills, Coldwater, L, Jr. 
Shelby Reindel, Delphos St.Johns, MH, Sr. 
Kelsey Fiely, Ft Recovery, OH, 	Jr. 
Kylie Kahlig, Ft Recovery, MH, Sr. 
Megan Wendel, Marion Local, L, Soph. 
Kassi Brown, Minster, MB, Sr. 
Karli Jones, New Bremen, S, Soph. 
Haley Horstman, New Knoxville, S, Soph. 
Haley Burtch, Parkway, OH, Sr. 
Peyton Heitkamp, Parkway, L, Sr. 
Ashley Heitkamp, St Henry, OH, Sr. 
Kenzie Kleinhenz, St Henry, RS, Sr. 
Olivia Schlater, Versailles, L, Soph.  
Coldwater-Kelsey Rammel		 
Delphos St John-Katrina Etzkorn	
Ft Recovery-Erika Lennartz, Abby Backs	 
Marion Local-Laura Schwieterman	 
Minster-Claire McGowan		 
New Bremen-Haley Moeller 	 
New Knoxville-Paige Lehman, April Cain	 
Parkway-Haley Roehm, Morgan Steinbrunner		 
St Henry-Kylie Koesters		 
Versailles-Katie Grieshop