EEO Public File Report

May 25, 2023

2023 EEO Report for Buzzards Media,LLC




Celina, Ohio


This EEO Public File Report

Covers the One-Year Period

Ending on May 31, 2023



The purpose of this EEO Public File Report is to comply with Section 73.2080 (c)(6) of the Federal Communications Commission’s EEO Rule. This Report has been prepared on behalf of WCSM(AM) and WCSM-FM, Celina, Ohio. This Report will be placed in each station’s online public inspection file and website.


The information contained in this Report covers the time period ending May 31, 2023 (the “Reporting Period”).


Attachments 1 through 3 are intended to provide the information required by the FCC’s EEO Rule. Attachments 1 and 2 contain the following information for each full-time vacancy:


i The recruitment source(s) used to fill each vacancy, identified by name, address, contact person and telephone number;


ii. The recruitment source that referred the hiree for each full-time vacancy;


iii. The total number of persons interviewed for each full-time vacancy; and,


iv The total number of interviewees referred by each recruitment source used in connection with each vacancy.


Attachment 3 contains a list and brief description of outreach initiatives undertaken pursuant to the FCC’s EEO Rule during the Reporting Period.


Questions concerning this Report should be directed to Brent Selhorst at 419-586-5133.










Position Title

Total No.

Interviewees for the Vacancy

Recruitment Source of Hire

Recruitment Sources Utilized (see attached list of sources)



































Total number of persons interviewed during the Reporting Period: 0








































WCSM (AM)/WCSM-FM has engaged in the following outreach activities during the period covered by this Report:

Activity Classification *

Type of Activity

Brief Description





Training Program

Continued training programs designed to enable personnel to acquire skills that could qualify them for higher level positions.





Provision of Training to management level personnel

Owner/General Manager, Brent Selhorst, provides ongoing training to the Program Director and Office Manager, as well as other staff members who participate in the interviewing, hiring and training of new staff members, regarding, appropriate interview techniques, the stations’ EEO policies and procedures, and effective practices in training personnel under their supervision


Other Activities

WCSM(AM)/WCSM-FM broadcasts, on a weekly schedule, an EEO announcement alerting area agencies that we will provide them information concerning job openings at the station if they so desire.



*For “Activity Classification”, use “1” through “16” in accordance with attached list.

1. Participation in at least four job fairs by station personnel who have substantial responsibility in making hiring decisions;

2. Hosting of at least one job fair;

3. Co-sponsoring of at least one job fair with organizations in the business and professional community whose membership includes substantial participation by women and minorities;

4. Participation in at least four events, including conventions, career days, workshops, and similar activities, sponsored by organizations representing groups present in the community interested in broadcast employment issues;

5. Establishment of an internship program designed to assist members of the community to acquire skills needed for broadcast employment;

6. Participation in job banks, Internet programs, and other programs designed to promote outreach generally (i.e., outreach that is not primarily directed to providing notification of specific job vacancies);

7. Participation in scholarship programs designed to assist students interested in pursuing a career in broadcasting;

8. Establishment of training programs designed to enable station personnel to acquire skills that could qualify them for higher level positions;

9. Establishment of a mentoring program for station personnel;

10. Participation in at least four events or programs sponsored by educational institutions relating to career opportunities in broadcasting;

11. Sponsorship of at least two events in the community designed to inform and educate members of the public about employment opportunities in broadcasting;

12. Listing of each upper-level category opening in a job bank or newsletter of media trade groups whose membership includes substantial participation by women and minorities;

13. Provision of assistance to unaffiliated non-profit entities in the maintenance of web sites that provide counseling on the process of searching for broadcast employment and/or other career development assistance pertinent to broadcasting;

14. Provision of training of management level personnel as to methods of ensuring equal employment opportunity and preventing discrimination;

15. Provision of training to personnel of unaffiliated non-profit organizations interested in broadcast employment opportunities that would enable them to better refer job candidates for broadcast positions;

16. Participation in other activities designed by the station reasonably calculated to further the goal of disseminating information as to employment opportunities in broadcasting to job candidates who might otherwise be unaware of such opportunities.

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